Conducting business offshore is not just a question of evading taxes or keeping your money from the government. The main advantage is to structure your assets and build your business wisely, employing all the benefits of international legislation and tax systems in offshore countries.

Offshore activity is often criticised by authoritative representatives, financial organisations with political agendas, and independent individuals serving mass media. Despite this fact, investors and savvy business people move their capital to offshore banks, intending to protect their capital from excessive taxation. It is unsurprising that corporations, sole traders and individuals are looking for ways to save their funds without being burdened by excessive tax.

Withdrawing funds from local banks and moving them to tax haven countries is a reasonable solution, and an absolutely legal one of which corporations and small businesses can take advantage. Saving your capital from high taxation can result in huge savings that can be reinvested into your company’s development, innovation, technology, or even charity. Therefore, you can be sure that your hard-earned money will not be depleted by financial fluctuations or irrelevant social projects initiated by government.

Democracy gives us freedom of expression and the opportunity to vote. Voting is not just a question of writing a tick on a ballot paper, you also vote every time you buy any goods or services. For example, when you buy Apple’s gadgets you vote for it with your money. Every single product or service on the market exists to meet customers’ demand.

The same refers to business. By registering a business within offshore jurisdictions, entrepreneurs vote for fair economic conditions and a taxation system they desire in a peaceful manner. Business owners - limited companies and sole traders - want to run their businesses successfully, by producing and offering high quality and cost-effective goods and services. Another emphasis is innovations and making the world a better place.


Offshore countries may become the real promised land for online businesses; they are commonly used by major companies like Apple and Google. As an online business owner, going offshore may result in really attractive tax benefits. An experienced tax advisor who can advise and make recommendations on tax policies is an absolute must. The factors regarding taxation are directly related to your country of residence and citizenship, the percentage of equity you own, and there are other important factors. A tax expert can legally save significant amounts for your company.

An online business can have a completely global customer base. Are you interested in multiplying your customer base by 110 times? The population outside of France is about 110 times greater than inside. The world population outside of the UK is 109 times greater than inside; 209 greater outside of Canada and 315 times outside of Australia. So why should you limit your business and tailor it to customer’s geographical location? By means of moving your business and capital to an offshore location, you can also make a positive impact on the economy of the offshore country you choose to deal with.


The proverb of ‘keeping all of your eggs in one basket’ does not apply in this circumstance; nor does keeping all your assets in one country. The world is constantly changing, and no country can guarantee unswerving political and economic stability. Politicians come and go, and sometimes countries go to war. Whether ethnic, religious, political or economic groups, each can be oppressed and have their property confiscated.

Moving your business and capital to different offshore countries can help you protect your assets from political pressure and persecution in your domestic country.

Nowadays, financial privacy no longer exists. Every single transaction you make at a bank or an ATM is recorded and stored. Credit agencies and financial institutions handle data that can be shared with other agencies and governmental organisations. There are even asset collectors who claim to be able to locate any bank or brokerage account, real estate and business holdings. Locating all your assets in one country can make you an easy target for creditors and lawsuits.

You should proceed slowly and be forward-thinking to maintain your privacy rights, and to not allow confidential information related to your business get into the wrong hands. Placing bank or brokerage accounts in one of the tax haven countries may become the solution you are looking for, as credit agencies do not have access to overseas account records or transactions. Domestic assets can be titled in the name of the offshore corporation or a trust fund. Such measures can guarantee that asset collectors cannot find your property and capital. By utilising offshore methods to protect your privacy, you can minimise losses and possible damages..

4. Regulatory Advantages.

Domestic corporations and sole traders are often affected in adverse ways by excessive regulation and high taxation. Large sums of money and human resources are diverted away from productive processes and wasted in order to monitor compliance with a myriad of restrictions. Offshore jurisdictions are business-friendly and have transparent regulations, rendering the offshore countries the perfect place to run any kind of business, including e-commerce and online businesses. Unlike domestic countries, offshore zones have a favorable economic environment that simplifies the process of company management.

At Offshore Desk we believe individuals and corporations can benefit from creating and running an offshore company. We can answer all your questions regarding establishing an offshore business and will guide you through in a simplistic and completely legal way. Follow the example of such major players as Apple and Google, and make a decision to move your assets overseas. We will save your time and money helping you to move your business offshore, and remove all the obstacles to pave an easy way forward for you.

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