By "moving offshore", we mean moving assets outside the domestic country; this can be implemented through various actions. Regardless of client's reason for moving his business overseas, these actions are always the same.

Once you have decided to set up an offshore company, what is your next step? The process is complex but Offshore Desk has guided numerous clients and successfully established hundreds of offshore enterprises. The process described below...

To avoid you getting too involved into this multi-level and complex operation, Offshore Desk takes on all the risks, making the process of moving offshore quick and easy - your company is opened without leaving your desk! We explore multiple offshore jurisdictions to attain the highest privacy and protection that is possible for your company.


The first step in the process of establishing an offshore company is to form an International Business Company (IBC) in one of the tax haven countries. The client does not need to start an additional business or even go to the country where the IBC is formed.

Once the IBC is registered, the client is allowed to own the assets such as property, capital and bank accounts that are related to the IBC, rather than in the client's personal name. Thus, the client and his funds are protected from the third parties' intervention. All your assets will remain safe and sound.

One of the ways to ensure ultimate privacy is by establishing an offshore IBC. In case the client is the founder of an IBC, to guarantee anonymity, he or she can use Nominee services such as a Nominee Director and Nominee Shareholder.

Nominee services are tools that defend the commercial interests of one party by hiring another individual or business entity to represent them. Using Nominee services, it becomes possible to protect ownership or participation information, ownership of shares, or other assets in the business. There are various different reasons why people use Nominee services, and the uppermost factor is the means to keep information about financial investments and assets ownership private.

Establishing a new IBC can generate huge relief for your company and help to achieve your goals. However, there are companies and sole traders that want to acquire an already existing IBC, because they would like to demonstrate that their company has been in existence for several months or years. The ideal solution in this circumstance is a Shelf Company - also known as an ''aged company'', which means an IBC has already been established for weeks, months, or years. The majority of Shelf Companies are built to be bought, literally being on a shelf waiting for their time to come, hence the name. Although the benefits of a Shelf Company and a newly formed IBC are the same, acquiring a Shelf Company involves additional expenses.


Once your IBC is created and you have got all the corporate documents, you can apply for a corporate bank account for your company. Offshore Desk has built a strong relationship with more than 80 banks across the world and is happy to help our customers through the procedures concerning bank account opening without any problems. Included in our services are procedures such as verifying corporate and personal documents and filling in bank forms to be then forwarded to the applicant for signing with corresponding instructions. Then when we receive your signed documents, we send the completed application to the bank for final approval. Finally, we are in charge of monitoring the account opening process until the account is allocated and the bank''s approval is received.

Once an offshore bank account is established and ready to use, the client's capital can be transferred to it. All the transactions and client's identity are safely protected, as the bank account is established in the name of the IBC, and not the client's personal name.

For an offshore account to be opened in the name of an IBC, this must be signed by a private individual. Being the founder of the company, the client may sign on the account to fully control the funds. Due to offshore jurisdictions and security laws, the founder's identity remains completely confidential. Offshore banks issue private Visa/MasterCard debit cards that can be used to withdraw money directly from an ATM or to make any purchases.

Offshore address

At this stage, the client is on the home straight to having their offshore business fully established. The company is registered and the bank account is operating. However, these newly formed assets require a safe mailing address, which can be a real challenge. If the wrong eyes see mail from the client's offshore company by mistake, the privacy of the entire business structure may be threatened. That is why an offshore mail forwarding address should be associated with the IBC, to ensure that such unwanted scenarios never happen. Any mail for the IBC is sent to an assigned offshore address and then forwarded to us. After that, Offshore Desk places it inside a discreet envelope and mails it to the client. These measures will help the client to avoid breaches in security and any problems they may cause.

Ready-Made Packages - full range of customized solutions.

At Offshore Desk we believe that the process of setting up an offshore company should be easy and cost-effective. We have brought together our expertise and best solutions available on the market to build the perfect Ready-Made Packages. Our packages allow clients from all over the world to establish an offshore corporation in the most successful way for them. All the necessary components of a complete offshore structure are included in this Package. Regardless of the situation, the client can choose the Package most applicable to them. It contains everything needed to establish an offshore IBC, and remain completely private and protected at the same time.

We recognise each client is unique, so we build customised solutions that correspond with the client's business needs and goals. Our Ready-Made Package is completely scalable and can be tailored to each client and individual situation.

To access this please reach out to our Company Planning Centre, where you will answer some simple multiple-choice questions for us to build a customised Package that will correspond perfectly to your business. No private or contact information required at this stage. Once the custom tailored Package is ready, it will be sent to you for review and you can purchase it online or over the phone, or it can be saved and reviewed by you later.

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