It can be necessary or just helpful to have an enhanced presence of your company in the jurisdiction in which you have chosen to establish your company, which will be more than the minimum mandatory domestic presence. It actually depends on the particular conditions of your business, essentially in active trading situations. To provide such enhanced presence for an offshore company, you can use what is known as a ''virtual office'' - one of our optional services. Especially useful is the management and advanced communication services package. Generally, meeting the minimum mandatory domestic presence requirements, your company would have only a Registered Address and Registered Agent. Nevertheless, you will usually have limited usage of the Registered Address for everyday business purposes. You can obtain the additional functionality for an IBC by choosing some of the optional virtual office services.

With the help of the virtual office service, you acquire not only the evident advantage of being accessible virtually anytime and anywhere, but also an opportunity for you, as an offshore entrepreneur, to proudly put in a respectful ''onshore'' mailing address and fax number in the company's marketing materials, documents and other papers. Moreover, an offshore virtual office (offshore fax and voicemail service and mail-forwarding etc.), situated in the jurisdiction of an offshore company formation, provides an additional level of security, protection and anonymity.

This is just a short description of the virtual office services provided by Offshore Desk. Let''s dig a bit deeper to understand the meaning and benefits of using these services.

Local phone number

You have a dedicated local telephone number for your business in the country where you created your company. For example, if your company is registered in the United Kingdom, you will be provided with a local phone number which starts with +44 and is the same as any landline or mobile phone number that is issued by local telecommunications companies.

Secretary (call handling) service

This is a dedicated telephone line for your business and is answered in your business name. The purpose of it is to take messages, take orders, and provide basic customer service. In this case you are also supplied with a local telephone number, which you can feature on your corporate stationery. (Please note, the call handling service is only available during business hours).

Mail and fax forwarding service

You will be given a street address and a domestic fax number for your company; all correspondence addressed to your company will be dealt with and forwarded to you. You as a client are able to choose the type of forwarding (mail, courier, fax, email) and its frequency. Mail handling costs and charges (at cost) are applicable on top of the fixed annual service fee. These costs may vary, depending on the volume of correspondence.

Website building

Virtual office is an excellent solution for start-ups and small businesses looking to keep costs low while gaining all the resources of a professional corporate image

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