If your aim is to grow your business, increase your income and protect your money in a central location within a stable economy, our expat banking service can help you, wherever your location. You can store your money in one secure place and be assured your funds are safe, wherever you may go in the world.

Having a personal bank account offers plenty of benefits; the most valuable being a private account that enables you to manage payments efficiently throughout the world. If everyday personal expenses and monthly payments are creating distress, these will be minimised with a personal bank account, which is created to facilitate independent financial transactions. It becomes easy, for example, to transfer money to and from different accounts, buy at retail outlets, and pay bills online etc. You can manage all these operations in different currencies and locations throughout the world.

In order to assist our customers professionally, we work closely with leading reliable banks worldwide. Offshore Desk provides services not only to create accounts with the most reliable banks in more than 25 countries worldwide, but also helps significantly to choose the right bank, which can become a partner with specific place of registration and special activities.