Offshore Desk specialises in providing a first-class service in company formation and delivering end-to-end solutions to its clients, that can be easily implemented into any business process.

We can recommend offshore products and offer a full range of services to meet your specific requirements. We know how to find the right solution that corresponds with your business needs.

Our team has wealth of experience in setting up and managing any kind of business processes. We help our clients to register a legal entity or enterprise in offshore countries and open bank or brokerage accounts, choosing the location that is the most favorable to client’s specific conditions. There is no need for our client to leave his office and go to an offshore country himself to establish the corporation. We save our clients time, by suggesting complete offshore solutions and implementing everything ourselves.

Choosing a turnkey solution can save both time and money. We have three significant advantages that distinguish us among competitors: Our special Offshore Packages are fast, easy to implement and are absolutely affordable. Offshore Packages can be merged with any business structure and are universal for all situations and cases. Our Special Offshore Package is a perfect solution that simplifies the process of offshore business establishment, removing all the hidden obstacles.

Please visit our Packaged Services page to get more information about special Offshore Packages.

Businesses who opt for offshore can benefit from complete privacy and security in all aspects related to the business - and this is exactly what we do for your company.

Offshore Desk offers safe and secure offshore business solutions. Establishing offshore enterprises for clients, we appeal to proven multi-jurisdictional methods by means of complete anonymity and protection.

There is a golden rule that we always follow while establishing an offshore enterprise: never put all your eggs in one basket. It means that the best choice when going offshore is to apply for multiple locations.

The main idea is to create a setup that, when pieced together, it creates a puzzle that would be too complicated for any third party (any kind of authorities, litigators, creditors) to put back together. In this case, your assets remain hidden from anyone who might want to infiltrate your privacy. Even in the case of governmental organisations, or if any third parties attempt to take a client’s money away, they would face the impossible task of having to investigate one offshore island after another to look for assets. No matter what happens, the money is protected and the clients won’t incur any losses.

To establish an offshore corporate structure for our clients, our common practice is to use between 2 and 5 offshore locations. For example, a legal entity can be formed in the Seychelles with a mailing address in the United Kingdom. At the same time, its shares belong to an IBC registered in Vanuatu; its bank account is in Belize, and its brokerage account is in Bahamas. By means of using 5 offshore locations, we can guarantee absolute anonymity and security of our clients’ businesses.

Our extensive experience in building external relations and international connections, help us to build a solid and complex business structures for our clients. If you are looking to establish a customised offshore enterprise tailored to your company goals and situations, please visit the Company Planning Centre. Please contact us if you have any questions, as we are always glad to assist you.

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