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Seychelles IBC Package

  • Seychelles company incorporation
  • Assistance in Bank account opening *You will have an opportunity to choose the bank from several options.
  • One year of a registered office and agent
  • Nominee Director and Nominee Shareholder
  • Apostilled documents including Power of Attorney

Following the theory of three flags company formation, you obtain one of the best solutions. The company is incorporated in the Seychelles with a bank account opened in Cyprus (you may choose any bank you like from our list of banks), while you are a taxpayer of any other country.

Zero taxation, and no accounting or reporting requirements, alongside a quick, inexpensive and hassle-free formation process makes this package a highly recommended solution for individuals who wish to move their assets to a protected spot overseas, or start doing business in an international format and make use of all the offshore company benefits.

Setting up a company in the Seychelles is quite simple and extremely cost-effective. It takes 1-3 business days and a customer is able to sign agreements and do business on behalf of the company within 24 hours of all required documents being received and being confirmed by the agent. The highest level of privacy, due to non-sensitive personal information registered on a public file, is achieved by a nominee director and a nominee shareholder appointment. In general, this package includes all the advantages for the efficient operation of your company and moves you towards your goals.

  • This is the ideal solution for brand new small international businesses due to the inexpensive set up and maintenance costs.
  • It is the ideal means for holding global assets of all kinds due to robust laws in the jurisdiction of formation around the protection of assets held by the company.
  • The Seychelles company formation is a quick and easy process and Offshore Desk aims to make this process as simple as possible.

UK Agency Company Package

  • United Kingdom company incorporation
  • One year of a registered office and agent for each company
  • Full set of apostilled documents
  • 2 Bank accounts introduction (one for UK LTD and one for Hong Kong LTD) *You will have an opportunity to choose the bank from several options.
  • Hong Kong company incorporation
  • Nominee Director and Nominee Shareholder service for Hong Kong’s company
  • Secretary Service for Hong Kong’s company
  • Agency agreement between companies

The UK Agency Company is a simple offshore/onshore relationship between a few companies. For example, if an offshore company wants to trade or conduct business with several clients based in different countries, to facilitate transactions and elevate business status, the offshore company (the principal) incorporates an onshore company in the United Kingdom (the agent) to implement trading activities with the principal’s customers.

In other words, the UK Agency Company is one that acts as an agent (or nominee) and conducts business on behalf of another party, its principal. The UK agency companies are usually used to furnish the principal company in the UK with a good reputation, image and prestige. The principal and the UK agency will agree on a mutual commission consisting of a percentage of their revenue. This kind of establishment is suitable for companies wanting to trade within Europe where trading problems are posed by not having a European company. Usually European countries and entities prefer not to trade with offshore companies, so the UK Agency structure is a good solution to promote growth for your international business. The Agency Company is only subject to tax on the % of commission received, which is set at the beginning of the contract. This structure may ease your tax bill to an effective rate of 2%-3%.

Having a UK Agency Company that acts as an agent for an offshore-based company, or IBC, is a strategy that is being adopted by smart business owners around the world. The deployment of such a strategy makes sense now more than ever before, because authorities are making it increasingly difficult for tax haven companies to conduct business with onshore-registered companies.

  • This is an optimal solution for use as with European trading structure where receipt of invoices from an offshore company would not be acceptable
  • Excellent for situations where an onshore profile is required but where offshore tax treatment is desired.
  • Presents a good opportunity to gain representation in the leading financial destination and to increase your company’s reputation.

UK LLP formed by 2 Seychelles IBC

  • Limited Liability Partnership incorporated in the UK
  • 2 Bank accounts introduction (one for UK LLP and one for Seychelles IBC) *You will have an opportunity to choose the bank from several options.
  • One year of a registered office and agent
  • 2 IBC incorporated in Seychelles
  • Nominee director and nominee shareholder services for each Seychelles IBC
  • Full set of apostilled incorporation documents

The UK LLP (United Kingdom Limited Liability Partnership) is widely used nowadays for carrying out different commercial activities like international sales. Some reasons for UK LLP’s popularity include the fact it is a corporate body with a legal personality that provides limited liability to its members, and it is tax-transparent.

The United Kingdom is able to tax non-residents only on their UK source income – the LLP is subject to UK taxation only if it trades inside the UK. Therefore, if the UK LLP is engaged in a business, profession or trade, and has no UK members or UK trade, or no permanent representation or UK income source, the UK has no legal power to tax the LLP or its members. The members and shareholders may potentially have a tax obligation in their national jurisdiction(s). If UK LLPs are created to conduct non-UK business by companies in zero or low tax jurisdictions, the opportunities for them are optimised.

LLPs are becoming increasingly popular day by day, largely due to the fact that no personal liability is born by a member of an LLP for agreements or debts of the LLP and there are no joint or several liabilities for the negligence of any other member. If organised correctly, international businesses operated by the UK non-resident members will not be the subject to UK taxation. However, it will appear to be a UK business to the external world.

  • A UK LLP is often used by professional companies and, increasingly, as a tax efficient tool for non-UK, international trading purposes.
  • An LLP created in the UK can obtain a VAT number, which can be used while trading in Europe.
  • UK LLPs are transparent organisations for UK tax purposes notwithstanding their separate legal status. No tax is payable by the LLP itself. Alternatively, the UK tax authorities will look to the relational partners in estimating liability to UK tax.

Delaware LLC Package

  • Delaware company incorporation
  • Assistance in Bank account opening *You will have an opportunity to choose the bank from several options.
  • One year of a registered office and agent
  • Nominee Director and Nominee Shareholder
  • Apostilled documents including Power of Attorney

The Delaware Limited Liability Company (LLC), which is formed by non-residents, is not actually a partnership or a corporation, it is a particular business structure that offers a reasonable alternative to partnerships and corporations. It blends the benefits of both partnerships and corporations: corporate benefits of limited liability, and the partnership benefits of pass-through taxation. In contrast to the US corporation, a Delaware LLC does not pay US state or federal income tax if its owners are not US residents or green card holders and the offices are situated outside the US, and the LLC runs no business in the US. A Delaware LLC is a widely used option for running an international business.

One of the prime reasons to register or create a limited liability company in Delaware is to distinguish your personal property from your company's property. Your assets can be put at risk if you run business without using a limited liability company or a corporation. Separating your personal assets from your business assets, and using this legal form as a corporation, can be extremely useful in protecting your personal assets.

The Delaware LLC structure fits a wide range of business fields, but it is especially popular with creating firms, professional service companies, property investment funds, and private equity management businesses.

  • The main reason why individuals choose to incorporate their business is to protect their personal property. Unless there is a lawsuit or unless your business is failing, your personal property cannot generally be affected
  • Individuals can use it as tax free location for non-residents as long as the LLC does not employ US residents in the US, and does not run any commercial activity related to business or trade within the United States.
  • To prepare and register tax returns, annual returns or audited accounts, no special requirements are necessary. However, Delaware companies are required to keep financial records in order to convey the company’s financial position. An annual report is requested only in the case of profits being assigned to US residents.

Vanuatu IBC Package

  • Vanuatu company incorporation
  • Assistance in Bank account opening *You will have an opportunity to choose the bank from several options.
  • One year of a registered office and agent
  • Nominee Director and Nominee Shareholder
  • Apostilled documents including Power of Attorney

Being one of the lesser-known offshore jurisdictions, Vanuatu is one of the most highly secure locations among all the other offshore countries. Businesses considering company formation in Vanuatu benefit from conducting business on behalf of a Vanuatu based company. Vanuatu’s government enables favorable commercial outcomes for foreign residents: a common law legal framework, zero corporate tax rate and minimal compliance costs provide an accessible and stable platform from which an offshore company can be successfully launched and operated.

Despite the fact that Vanuatu is the safest jurisdiction, we include in this package nominee services that will leave your name undisclosed to third parties. Even under scrutiny, the only information that would be available on the Vanuatu company, is what you yourself have made public.

A Vanuatu International Company is widely used for holding assets, property, shares, and patents etc. Its tax-free status and the secrecy provisions embodied in the legislation make this type of company attractive to individuals and established companies alike.

  • Vanuatu is one of the most secure locations for company formation, due to the prospect of staying anonymous for a long time - possibly indefinitely.
  • The location offers zero taxation on corporate profit, and accounts, records and registers may be kept in any place in the world.
  • No minimum capital is required, and the company is easy to establish and maintain. The company and bank account can be opened remotely, without leaving your desk.

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