The reason to assign a Nominee Director is to officially present him as a Director of a company. He is a third party, acts as a leader and his main role is to protect and support working executives inside a company. It is required by law in some jurisdictions that director's personal information must be necessarily registered in the public files of the Companies Registry in order to make it possible to finalize the company formation.

The beneficial owner's confidentiality and anonymity can be guaranteed by assigning a nominee director. Our nominee acts as your company director. He is a named person who provides your privacy and absolute anonymity. There can be reasons for appointing a nominee director even in jurisdictions without the demand to make personal information publicly accessible. Privacy and confidentiality always matter.

It is necessary to have the name of Director to conduct business. Contracts, orders, letters and other company documents often require signatures and absolute anonymity can be assured only by assigning a nominee director. It will be impossible to find out the details of the beneficial owner of a company with appointed nominee director for anyone trying to search the information about the company and its owner.

As a beneficial owner you will be able to control all the business matters of the company having formed a letter of attorney and a declaration of trust. You can certainly take your own decisions at any time, choose the person to appoint as the nominee director or resign somebody if he doesn't fit this position.

Why use nominee?

Forming a company gives you a lot of business advantages. However you can face different troubles if you register a company in a standard way. When you become a director or shareholder it is a rule that your name, address, occupation, date of appointment and other information come in sight on the public company records.

For some people it is not a problem, but there can be absolutely legitimate reasons not to easily share information with your details and make them public. It becomes available to commercial rivals, credit search agencies or direct marketing houses and it is not so secure.

For example, your plan may be to set up a company before you start business operations and you don’t want your employers or other companies in the same sphere know about this. Thoroughly structured arrangements organized with the help of our nominee services will keep your personal information confidential and off the public record and guarantee full legality at the same time.

Nominee services can be the right solution, depending on your business and investment strategy.

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