Offshore Desk operates an international business with corporate agents and law firms that spread across geographical borders to provide you with exceptional corporate services. We understand why our services are required and have created a range of products to cover all your company formation needs and guarantee your privacy and confidentiality.
Why consider us as your personal corporate service provider?

Services and packages designed to be 'used' not 'sold'

We have designed a range of exclusive corporate packages and services to help our clients get things done, pure and simple. In a world of 'unexpected delays' and 'hidden charges', this is a breath of fresh air.

Client service, not customer service

Expect the same meaningful relationship you offer your clients – from the same high calibre of professionals you deal with in the rest of your working life.

Direct access to a network of world-class specialists

We are about people, not processes. Your dedicated relationship manager will provide professional answers with details about how to progress with your project and provide you with the most suitable solution depending on your desired outcome.

Well-matched corporate structure to support your journey

We understand your business and the importance of your life outside it. We'll help you put the corporate framework in place to help you achieve your goals.

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