It has become necessary for individuals and companies to operate banking and investment via foreign financial organisations. Great opportunities are presented to protect your assets when creditors have no way to inspect your account. The goal of our company is to offer a full range of offshore banking services to our client; both corporate and private. We are ready to offer all kind of services, starting from general corporate accounts, to totally anonymous personal accounts.

People open offshore checking accounts because they are able to provide confidentiality, privacy and independence. Some other reasons to consider are: you can spend any amount of money abroad and nobody can find out it; to save some money; to make your business transactions confidential.

Opening an offshore account brings you additional advantages and opportunities for financial planning. It can provide you with special banking services that for might not be accessible in your native country. With an offshore account you can find a secure place for your assets during periods of uncertain political or economic situations. Usually, each client has specific reasons for opening offshore banking accounts. Moreover, numerous countries request their citizens to provide reports on amounts of money taken out of their country. If you have an offshore secret bank account, these regulations do not apply.

Banking offshore may appear to be illegal in some way, but an offshore bank account is very similar to a regular bank account; the only difference is its location. Banking activities and general functions are similar. The reasons you choose your bank either at home or abroad are similar too – service quality, convenience, and financial stability. It should be easy and practical to transfer funds on a worldwide basis with your banks being located in countries that offers loyalty attitude to foreign residents within a stable political and economic environment.

Whatever your reasons may be for creating an offshore bank account, we develop our offshore banking products and services to help you deal with funds and run your business successfully.

Our company mission is to help you: protect your assets; avoid unnecessary taxation; become prosperous relatively quickly. We are here to solve any concerns you may have. You can be sure that all the procedures are completely legitimate, almost under all law regulations. Offshore Desk is a direct intermediary of some of the most well-trusted banks in different places around the world. Our goal is to provide qualified assistance for customers when choosing a bank, and to facilitate the process of opening bank accounts, which is simplified thanks to our partnership with various banks.